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"Baltic Star"

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What is the Baltic Star Cycling Club?

Baltic Star is a randonneurs cycling club from St-Petersburg, the second largest city of Russia. The club organizes brevets based on the rules of Audax Club Parisien

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  • New 17.10.2011Vologda-Onego-Ladoga 2012 6-10 july 2012
  • All plans in 2012 

    Previous seasons highlights

  • Paris-Brest-Paris 2011. 19 participants successfully finished (1 DNQ,2 DNF).
  • 5-9 August 2010: St.Petersburg- Vologda-Onega-Ladoga 1200 km brevet with unpoved road  
  • Year 2008-2011 Results. Our club the best in Russia
  • London-Edinburg-London 2009. All five participants successfully finished !! Foto
  • New 17.2.2009 4-8 July 2008: Report about Vologda-Onega-Ladoga 1200 km brevet from Buschardt Jan (5Mb)  
  • 4-8 July 2008: Results and links Vologda-Onega-Ladoga 1200 km brevet  
  • 23-25 June 2007: "Thousand and one lakes" 1000 km brevet ( see event page )
  • 23-24 June 2007: Around Lake Ladoga 600 km brevet (see event page )
  • OnegaLadoga2005 
  • AroundLadoga2000-2004 
  • Club conception and organization

    The Baltic Star Cycling Club is the club of people who able and devoted to long-distance bicycle rides. Members of the club must fulfill the club established minimum of Audax brevets and have will to participate in club activities and events organized by the club. Main goal of the Baltic Star is the handling of the ACP brevets but the club also holds a number of different events like a road and cross-country competitions. All the club members are welcome to participate in any sport events related to cycling like a multi-sport adventure events, MTB- and city orienteering, marathon and cross-country cycling events.
    The President of the Club is directly elected by the club members governs the club together with club council. The current club president and BRM-responsible person is Mikhail Kamentsev, who can be always contacted by e-mail
    The club was founded in 1996 and in the year 2006 has celebrated its 10th anniversary. During the decade the club has grown from small group of enthusiasts (foto before start in 2001) to fast developing cyclist club that organizes events of total number more than 70 participants. Starting from 1999, the club takes part in a PBP ( famous event between Paris and Brest, France). Three Baltic Star members have participated the PBP in 1999, and three in 2003. We are proud that all of them successfully finished the whole distance. The year 2007 is the year of next PBP and club have extremely positive vision of this global event. We expecting that club participation in 16th Paris-Brest-Paris will be as high as 10 Baltic Star members.


    Baltic Star mainly operates in St-Petersburg, Russia and around the city (North-western region of Russia). The routes of events planned and organized by the club cover areas around St-Petersburg (Leningrad region), Novgorod and Pskov regions, and adjacent areas of Karelia. We also plan to hold some cross-border events to cover some of the South Finland roads. The most beautiful area of the area is a Karelian Isthmus, bordeded by the Gulf of Finland from the west and the ake Ladoga from the east, St-Petersburg from the south and by Finland state border from the north. This area has beautiful nature, developed infrastructure and well-paved roads. The relief of Karelian Isthmus makes possible to plan routes of brevets through flat lowlands and rather hilly areas.
    We prefer to choose Karelian roads for longer routes. The most beautiful part of brevet "Around Ladoga " located in Karelia. The itinerary dedication is perfectly clear: to make a circle around Lake of Ladoga (this route should be at least 750 km long). The magical power of the route has been confirmed by all previous events. The pristine northern nature, quiet, winding, and sometimes hilly roads of Karelia and White nights together make the events unforgettable. Unfortunately, it is not a good idea to choose and advertise route less than 1000 km long containing even small ground road section. Within the club and on the forum we took a long and fruitful discussion which gave a birth to the new bright idea: to connect two great Karelian lakes - Onega and Ladoga. The new event was called "Onega Ladoga 2005", it was successfully passed in Summer'05 and now new ideas have to became reality.
    The year 2007 is the year of One Thousand and One Lakes. The event comprises of two nice brevets: Title brevet is 1000 km by Russia and Finland and concurrently starting 600 km Around the Ladoga. From 600 km route the first part of the classic circle route has been excluded because it was a monotonous Federal Road.
    The year 2008 is the year of Vologda-Onega-Ladoga 1200 km brevet The route connects the most European city of the Russia with old Russian city which is having more than one thousand years of history. You cannot imagine how beautiful the route is!

    Write and ask - Michael Kamentsev