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Brevets "One Thousand and One Lake" -1000 km
"Around Lake Ladoga" - 600 km

Two brevets will start on the June 23rd at midnight in the town of Lodeynoye Pole (which is only 4hrs from StPetersburg by train):
  • 600km: Around Lake Ladoga which track became classic and goes directly around the great Lake of Ladoga.
  • 1000km: One Thousand and One Lake which is going along the northern coast of Ladoga and than thru the Va:rtsila to the "Country of Thousand Lakes" - Finland. In Finland the route is making half-circle and finishes exactly at the Russian border - in the town of Imatra.
    Both routes in their first 270km are the same.

    The main features of these beautiful routes:

  • The White Nights
  • Silent country roads
  • Excellent itinerary and organization

    Around Lake Ladoga -600 km,23 -24 june 2007

    Lodeynoe Pole - Olonets (53) - Vidlitsa (98) - Pitkyaranta (177) - Lyskela (216) - Puikkola (274) - Sortavala (320) — Kurkijoki (400) - Priozersk (453) — Losevo (503) - Michurinskoe (542) - Rochino (600)

    brevet has the following main features:

  • Route that became "Northern Classics"
  • Hilly part from Sortavala to Ihalla and Michurinskoe - Potgornoe
  • Famous "killing" 40 kilometers of ground country road
  • For Russian residents: no requirements to get visa to visit Finland
  • Finish will be in the nearest suburbs of StPetersburg

    One Thousand and One Lakes -1000 km,23 -25 june 2007

    Lodeynoe Pole - Olonets (53) - Vidlitsa (98) - Pitkyaranta (177) - Lyskela (216) - Puikkola (274) - Vartsila,Suomi (299)- - Joensuu (378) - Pieksamaki (565) - Kangasniemi (611) - Sysma (741) - Tuohikotti (879) - Savitaipale (919) - Lappeenranta (959) - Imatra (1005)

    is the brand new route. So what's up with this brevet?

  • New concept of the route: two countries, two cultures
  • Finnish quality of roads: feel yourself Europeans in case you are not
  • Night & finish - in the camping

    There are no mountains on the route however there are a lot of steep hills. There are no cities on the route, even towns are not frequent. The number of road junctions is minimized and the legend is clear (almost the whole route was successfully passed and thoroughly described). The key feature of the itinerary is a wild beauty of nature which cannot be met in the main Europe, lots of lakes, pine forests, stone ridges. From Russia to Finland and back to Russia you will see changes in the nature and find how close and how different the nature in these countries is. Differences in the way of life are greater than natural and you will have a chance to check this. Along the entire route you will be accompanied by organizers, on all the checkpoints you will meet experienced controllers who were working on multiple brevets handled by our club. The finish will be in the camping in the town of Imatra, which is located near the lake and aquapark. 125 years ago Imatra was a finish of the first Russian Long-distance Race Saint-Petersburg - Imatra (290 km). Results on CP-600 km can be registered to be counted for Paris-Brest-Paris participation

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